Why you should write letters to your staff

By Catrin Lewis, Global Head of Engagement at Reward Gateway

My job is all about open and honest communication, something I value above all else in the workplace. Sometimes, though, it’s not easy to achieve. How can we make sure our message is heard above the noise of the constant communication that employees receive? How can we make it stand out as something extra-special? How can we add a personal, human touch to workplace communications?

Think about how you feel when you receive a handwritten note, or letter in the mail. You know it’s something just for you, and that care has been taken. I like to try to emulate that feeling as much as I can in our employee communications. Sometimes I even take it literally, and write letters to our staff.

I’ve found that it results in really positive responses, and I’m here to say that the broadcasted ‘letter’ might be one of the most effective methods of employee communication.

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