Why the Technology Scheme is now more important than ever

The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown up many challenges and changed our way of life dramatically.

It’s either forced or encouraged us to change our habits entirely, for example encouraging many to drop public transport in favour of cycling.

It’s helped some save on commuting costs while it’s hit others hard financially.

It has also accelerated the need and importance of technology in a way that has forced many of us, including businesses, to adapt.

The pandemic has also changed the types of benefits employees are utilising as well as how they’re utilising them.

So, while it is important for businesses to adapt their product or service to meet changing consumer wants and needs, it is also important for companies to recognise the need to either repurpose current employee benefit schemes, re-promote them or introduce new benefit schemes entirely.

4 reasons why technology has become even more important

Technology has helped us adapt to many changes to our way of life as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

 1. Rise in remote working

Statistics from the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that 42.7% of working adults in the UK are now working remotely as a result of social distancing measures.

The importance of remote working is perhaps the most prominent reason for the rise in importance of technology in 2020.

While many companies have been able to facilitate working from home through providing the tech needed to staff, some employees may want to make working remotely easier and more efficient with the use of further technology.

 2. Education utilising technology

Home-schooling was particularly important during the peak of lockdown where students weren’t able to attend their classes.

Many are still unable to attended classes and lectures, particularly at universities as social distancing and public health takes priority.

Technology has played a hugely important role in 2020 in helping students to study.

 3. Connecting with family

We’re relying on technology more than ever not just for work or education but for connecting with our families and loved ones.

It’s brought us Zoom quizzes, virtual parties and helped protect many of those having to shield from the virus from feeling isolated.

 4. Home entertainment

Whether you’re bound by restrictions in your area or simply choosing to go out less due to safety concerns, technology has played a vital role in keeping us entertained at home, particularly for families.

Whether it’s online gaming bringing groups of friends together or movie nights with the family, technology has made life just that little bit easier.

Affordability is key

Finding that laptop, PC or mobile that is both reliable and affordable isn’t always easy.

Many want something they can both work on and use for socialising with family.

Equally, with the financial uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, many also want to avoid taking a big hit to their bank account for the tech they want.

Therefore, providing another option for employees to increase the affordability of technology is crucial.

How the Technology Scheme can help

The Technology Scheme gives staff an affordable way to get the latest tech by paying directly through their net monthly or weekly pay.

Employees can spread the cost over a set period of time with no credit checks or upfront payments.

Employers have full control over how the scheme is managed and delivered, while the scheme offers employees a whole range of tech to choose from whether it be for work, socialising, home entertainment and much more.

At caboodle, our Technology Scheme has provided a lifeline for employees up and down the UK in providing an affordable way to get their hands on the latest tech.

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