What’s in a name? Study uncovers unexpected career consequences

names high salaries earnSomething for the weekend: New parents have lots to consider when setting up their kids for success, from convincing them to eat their vegetables, to getting in early for nursery and school waiting lists, but a study from Furniture At Work has revealed that even baby names can have an unexpected career impact.

The research used LinkedIn data to determine the most common careers for certain names, as well as how much they are predicted to earn.

The most popular boy’s name, Liam, was most likely to work in the construction industry, while the most common choice for those called Olivia, the most popular girl’s name, was a career in advertising.

Boys named Mateo were most likely to grow up to work in the technology, information and media industries, and people named Levi were likely to have careers in retail. Jobs in TV, film and music are the most common careers for boys named Noah, Oliver, Elijah, Lucas and Asher.

Girls named Emma, Olivia, Ava, Sophie and Mia are most likely to work in advertising, while the most common jobs for Isabellas were in the health and fitness industry. Girls named Amelia and Luna were expected to have careers in hospitality, while Charlottes and Evelyns worked in hospitals and healthcare.

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The study also discovered which out of the most popular names were projected to earn the highest average annual salary throughout their careers.The boys’ predicted to earn the most were Mateo at £47,262, James at £38,149 , and Oliver at £35,536. Meanwhile, the girls with the highest expected salary were  Evelyn at £29,714, Emma at £28,576 , and Amelia at £27,645.

Here at Employee Benefits, we think there is already enough pressure on new parents, without adding a salary expectation to their choice of baby name!