The wellbeing disconnect: research uncovers a workplace disparity between employees and employers

workplace disparity
  • Over half (52%) of employees agree that they would choose a company that cared about their wellbeing over a company that pays 10% more
  • Just under a third (31%) of workers said their company currently offered no wellbeing programmes
  • Over 22 million British workers, or 7 in 10 employees (71%), have felt stress or financial strain in the last five years

Employee wellbeing has been a top agenda point for HR for some years but the results of the recent research by employee engagement specialists, Reward Gateway, shows that employees still aren’t getting what they need from their current wellbeing programmes. This is demonstrated by the disparity of opinion between employee and employer. Over half (51%) of employers agree that their company shows they care about employees mental, physical and financial wellbeing, while only 14% of employees say that their company couldn’t do more to show they care about their mental, physical and financial wellbeing.

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