Using the employee engagement quadrant to improve company culture

Are your employees Go-getters, Ambassadors, Detractors or Stayers? Find out on our Employee Engagement Quadrant.

​After several years of challenges, employers are beginning to see widespread levels of employee burnout and stress at work. Our recent research revealed that over half of employees experience frequent stress at work, and more than four in five say that burnout has a negative impact on their overall wellbeing.

Organizations need to ensure that their people programmes are built to last, and can improve motivation and company culture both now and in the future. To continue this journey and bring employees along along the way, businesses need to check their bearings, recalculate the route they were on and maybe even change the destination they had previously set.

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At Reward Gateway, we use the Employee Engagement Quadrant – a framework to help leaders assess the current situation and avoid losing their best talent by identifying areas that might need a rejig.

Find out where your employees are sitting here.