The top 10 most-read stories between 15 – 22 October

The top 10 most-read stories between 15 October and 22 October on were:

  1. Dunelm to repay government £14.5 million in furlough costs
  2. Pink Prosecco looking for applicants to taste test new fizz
  3. Tesco employees appeal Employment Tribunal equal pay decision
  4. Caroline Harwood: Tax implications of Christmas parties during Covid-19
  5. How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected staff travel schemes?
  6. Aviva offers menopause support app to 6,000 employees
  7. EXCLUSIVE: PricewaterhouseCoopers supports working carers during Covid-19
  8. 55% of employees would take a pay cut to continue working remotely
  9. Pensions lifetime allowance to increase by £5,800 next year
  10. How can employers address the gender pensions gap during the pandemic?