Pink Prosecco looking for applicants to taste test new fizz

Pink Prosecco looking for applicants to taste test new product

Something for the weekend: Pink Prosecco is looking to hire a fizz fanatic to taste and review its brand new fizz product.

To avoid jumping on the bandwagon with the rest of the population, Pink Prosecco thought it would be a great idea to offer one lucky person the opportunity to taste its new fantastic fizz product before it his UK stores.

After 140 years of constant negotiation throughout the generations, people in the UK will finally have the opportunity to taste the first rose prosecco sold in the country. This will give the successful person a golden chance to make their mark in history by trying out the new product called prosecco doc rosé. The new prosecco connoisseur will be rewarded with a £300 payment, and year’s supply of prosecco to taste the product and write a short review.

In addition to the generous cash reward and free fizz, the successful candidate will have the opportunity to fly out to an authentic Italian vineyard for three days, being surrounded by serene landscapes and beautiful homes that you would usually see in those exotic movies…

The perfect person for the pink prosecco job will have an interest and passion for the way prosecco is produced, as well as being an advocate of ‘prosecco o’clock’. Liking the colour pink is also a bonus.

With applications closing on 30 November, the new joiner must be prepared to start drinking as soon as they set foot in Italy early next year. The successful taster will also be able to bring a friend to join them on this fabulous journey.

Paul Anthony Gidley, chief executive at Pink Prosecco, said: “Fizz fans have been wanting to try pink prosecco for so long and it is almost time for the first reveal. We want to make sure it is pink perfection, and the new tester will not only have the crucial role of tasting the first batch but will help us to shape the product in the future”

“Since the prosecco council in Italy gave the go-ahead for prosecco doc rosé we have been working hard behind the scenes to get the brand, bottle and bubbles just right. We hope the successful applicant will agree that pink prosecco really does taste as good as it looks – with a fruitier nose than standard prosecco and hints of summer fruits such as strawberry and blackberry, with fantastic racing bubbles and a light, semi-sweet finish”

Here at Employee Benefits, we hope that there is an extra reward incentive if the successful applicant rolls up to the tasting session in pink.