Aviva offers menopause support app to UK employees

Aviva offers menopause support app to 6,000 employees

British insurance organisation Aviva has launched a menopause app, providing its 6,000 UK employees with support if they experience symptoms, either directly or indirectly. 

Through the free smartphone app, employees can access specialist information, which includes a free 45-minute one-to-one consultation sessions with a menopause specialist. Employees can also utilise its personalised live chat function which connects them directly with an expert who can answer any questions or concerns they may have.

The app also offers an eight-week online programme that introduces a different topic and relevant resources each week, offering personalised advice and training in the form of videos and articles.

In conjunction with launching the app, Aviva has run a menopause awareness campaign and has educated employees on the menopause through online seminars. Staff have also been sharing their first-hand experience with their co-workers through video chat. 

Aviva has increasingly been offering support to employees through awareness training. Earlier this year, more than 150 line managers undertook classes to support employees experiencing the menopause. The training focused on why it is important to support staff going through the menopause. 

Danny Harmer, chief people officer at Aviva, said: “We need to break the taboo of menopause. Most people are familiar with the common term, and sadly sometimes still ridiculed. Less well known are the mental health aspects, including anxiety and difficulty sleeping, which can have a massive impact on performance and self-confidence. So it is no wonder that one in four women consider leaving work because of menopause; a loss of talent that organisations can prevent. 

“Menopause does not need to be a barrier preventing a successful career. An open and empathetic culture, with proper training available for leaders, access to expert advice for individuals and supportive policies like flexible-working, will help us better support our employees, their partners and families during every stage of their lives.”