Three friends inadvertently run hotel in absence of employees

La Quinta Inn employees
Credit: Ken Wolter /

Something for the weekend: Most people go to a hotel for a break, not to do more work. However, that’s exactly what three friends from Georgia, US, ended up doing on their visit to La Quinta Inn in Nashville on 13 September.

Kenzie Brooks, Aaron Howard and Noorain Dobani arrived in town for an Arctic Monkeys concert for Howard’s birthday at 5am, after completing a four-hour drive to get there. Upon entering the hotel, however, there were no employees behind the front desk nor anywhere in the hotel. Even a police officer could not find anyone.

Keen to make light of the situation, the friends decided to help where they could by answering the phones and dealing with customer complaints about unauthorised card transactions. Howard and Brooks put their previous service industry experience to good use and served breakfasts of yogurt, biscuits and waffles to hungry guests after finding the master key to the kitchen.

They captured their experience in a TikTok video, which has since gone viral.

“When you arrive at the hotel and there is no staff, so you now have a new job,” a TikTok caption said. “We’ve been working for two hours now,” they said in the video, while handing out food to their fellow hotel guests and answering phone calls. “You gotta [sic] do what you gotta do.”

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Later on, an employee of the nearby Holiday Inn hotel, also run by Wyndham Hotels, arrived to help out. After finally getting checked in, the trio then found somebody else in their allocated room, and were offered a room at the Holiday Inn for free as a result. All’s well that ends well!

We at Employee Benefits think the trio deserve recognition for helping out the other hotel guests where they could. At least they can now add hotel work to their CVs!