The four R’s to re-engage your workforce in 2023

We are just over one month into 2023. It seems like 2022 flew past and we’re already deeply settled into the new year. But, as individuals and teams set their annual goals and priorities, there can be a common period of limbo for your people while they await what’s coming next from the organisation.

As a leader, how can you move your disengaged workers into what we call an ‘ambassador’ on the employee engagement quadrant? Ambassadors are employees who are driven and motivated to show up at work every day, continually looking to improve and positively influence business goals – these are the stars of your organisation, the ones you want to ensure stick around and keep engaged.

And with 31% of employees looking to move jobs this year, it’s more important than ever to understand new methods to re-engage your people and improve your overall employee retention.

Check out the four R’s to re-engage your workforce and see where your employees stand on our employee engagement quadrant.