The Best Spotify Playlists for Work to Increase Productivity

According to a report by the LSE, sound can have a significant effect on our concentration and calmness, so our productivity in the workplace.

So, if you are somebody who likes some background music to keep you going when you’re slogging away, here are some of our favourite Spotify playlists to increase productivity.

  • Classical Music

Classical music is generally viewed as the best music to listen to when you’re in deep concentration. However, there is little evidence to back this up. It is recognised though that the steady, repetitive pulse helps people to focus.

  • Nature Music

Many people find that listening to sounds of the outdoors helps them to be more productive. Some also find that it helps them get to sleep. Each to their own of course.

  • Club Music

Club, house and other up-tempo music can improve your mood and your motivation when carrying out a tedious task.

  • Feel good

The same applies to ‘Feel Good’ songs. Even if everybody has different songs which makes them “feel good”, Spotify has put together a compilation of ones everybody seems to agree on.

  • Songs you don’t care about vs. songs you enjoy

This is a tricky one. Some people report finding it easier to concentrate when music they are totally indifferent about is playing. A radio station you wouldn’t usually opt for perhaps. Others say they focus better when they hear music they would actively seek out and listen to on a day-to-day basis.

Preferences of course vary from person to person. There should be something here for everyone. However, we can all agree, we don’t concentrate well when there is a song getting on your nerves!