The basics of workplace pensions (part 5): staying compliant

Auto-enrolment has brought around 30 new employer responsibilities and many of these have to be actioned every pay reference period (every time you pay your employees). As an employer, you are responsible for the delivery of auto-enrolment and if it goes wrong, you will be accountable for putting it right, including the cost of doing so.

Every pay reference period you must:

  • Assess your work force: monitor the age and earnings of all employees and any new employees.
  • Manage opt-ins and opt-outs: process requests to join/leave.
  • Manage payment of regular contributions into the pension.
  • Communicate to any new members.
  • Keep an audit trail: maintain accurate records of requests to opt in, join or leave.

Other ongoing duties:

  • You will need to re-enrol every three years.