Prioritising your team’s safety as we return to the workplace

By the end of September, as many as 59% UK employers will be ready to welcome employees back to the workplace. But with the second wave of COVID-19 looming large, it’s evident we are still a far cry away from the pre-pandemic office culture.

As COVID-19 is here to stay for the foreseeable, many businesses are looking to formalise hybrid working models that ensure staff safety but also allow employees to benefit from the creative and social virtues of the workplace.

If your company is thinking about returning to the workplace then here are our top 3 tips:

Communication is key

Navigating the new unknowns is likely to be an anxious time for many of your employees; whether it’s concerns about commuting via public transport, workplace social distancing protocols or exposing vulnerable family members at home.

Ensuring you build a repertoire with employees that allows for open communication is vital. Asking how they are really doing will help employees to feel seen and valued.

Only 24% of employees feel fully informed about the new safety protocols and procedures at their workplace. Even more strikingly, only a quarter of businesses have prioritised communicating COVID-19 changes to their employees.

Having a strong and detailed communications plan about new procedures is essential. Providing educational content on official government and health regulation guidelines will act as a first line defense against COVID-19 in the workplace.

Leverage technology

The pandemic has thrown digital health solutions into the spotlight and there is no short supply of innovative return to work focused health and enterprise tech.

Leveraging these solutions, such as personalised health and symptoms trackers, employee contact tracing platforms and population insight dashboards, can enable HR leaders to take that all important case-by-case approach and ensure everyone’s safety through this transitory phase.

Cultivate your culture

Now is the perfect opportunity to begin encouraging healthy work behaviours; even the simplest things like taking lunch breaks and finishing work on time can reduce anxiety and boost longer-term productivity.

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Despite the negatives, COVID-19 has also been a catalyst for enormous positive change. Now is the time to revolutionise the employee experience and place people at the heart of your business operations.

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