Poll: Two-thirds use awareness days to prompt mental health discussions

Prompting mental health discussions

Employee Benefits poll: Two-thirds (67%) of employers use awareness days to prompt mental health discussions. 

A poll of www.employeebenefits.co.uk readers, which received 30 responses, found that awareness days, such as Time to Talk, and Blue Monday aid 67% of respondents in prompting mental health discussions among their employees. 

Further findings from the survey found that 20% do not utilise these days to talk about mental health, while a further 13% said that they do not currently, but intend on doing so in the future.

While some organisations use national campaigns and awareness days as an opportunity for ad hoc communications about topics such as mental wellbeing, fintech business Smarkets took this one step further, using an awareness day as a springboard for launching a long-term wellbeing strategy.

On Time to Talk Day, which took place yesterday (6 February 2020), the organisation introduced a new initiative called tête-à-tête, putting structures in place to encourage employees to meet in small groups to discuss mental health concerns.

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