Planning an incentive scheme for Christmas

We all know that good staff are the lifeblood of any business. We also know that Christmas is a great time to unwind and relax with your hardworking colleagues to give thanks for the toil of the last 12 months.

While bespoke presents take a little more time to source and are hard to get right, don’t leave planning until too late. So many businesses leave the delivery and forward planning until last minute and the recognition, incentives and rewards end up looking like an unceremonious rush job.

Sincerity goes a long way and nothing shows you actually care and that you’re not just going through the motions more than a bit of planning. It’s a shame when organisations miss or don’t put enough effort into this opportunity to give back to their staff. It’s a good time to make a big statement to your hardworking team and even your customers, rivals and partners. Here’s how you retain your staff, by showing the fun side of working for a living and to celebrate Christmas together and to unwind.

Businesses such as Red Letter Days for Business specialise in helping businesses to match the right incentive with the right person and situation. Realistically, some businesses live for Christmas, such as the retail sector, so time is very limited. How can you find time to tailor an incentive scheme for Christmas when you have queues stretching out of the front door, displays and sales to prepare for Boxing Day, late night opening and your own personal Christmas to arrange and pay for? That’s where a specialist can help. They have all the ideas you’ll ever need to come up with, so have a quick browse to see if your staff would appreciate anything from store vouchers, to a hamper, to an experience day or an all-singing, all-dancing Christmas party?  These type of incentives have been proven to contribute towards, a happier staff body, improved employee retention, and it enhances engagement and motivation.

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Cash is not always king. If you were to reward your staff with cash bonuses, there are several downsides. It’s often the case that the money is taxed at source and on top of that it’s not spent on anything ‘nice’. The cash reward is often squandered or pointed at a boring bill that needs settlement. A fixed incentive such as a voucher or a personalised gift has the potential to have more meaning.  The reward of a store voucher is two-fold because staff enjoy receiving them, then converting them into a gift of their choosing.

By sourcing the right help and running a good incentive reward scheme this Christmas you are also protecting your company’s future by investing in your staff by bringing them closer together, ensuring friendships are made and building teams that stay together. And what could be more important than that this Christmas?