Pay Gap Reporting: Insight Series from Henley Reward Consulting – Part 1

Author Name: Louise Haines, Managing Director at Henley Reward Consulting

The reporting deadline for the gender pay gap is fast approaching: 30th March 2022 for most public authority employers and the 4th April 2022 for private, voluntary and all other public authority employers. In addition, UK employers are being urged to think about ethnicity pay gap reporting in line with gender pay gap reporting regulations.

But after two years of disruption, how can organisations put diversity back on the front foot? What actions can companies do now to:

a) understand how the pandemic has impacted their pay gap, and;

b) to start proactively building solutions to reduce the pay gap and that are resilient in more volatile times?

To build a strong long-term strategy, key questions to ask will be the who, what, when, where, how and why! To help with these questions, Henley Reward Consulting are putting a series of articles and guides together to support companies on this journey.

Part 1: Understanding your pay gap landscape. Click here to view the five key action points to not only understand your pay gap, but to help create a proactive approach to setting the foundation for your strategy.

Note: Henley Reward Consulting supports organisations through the provision of both internal and external ED&I data insights. We can support you in building a true understanding of your employee base to help identify areas of risk, innovation and priority. This is conducted through:

Internal Evaluation

  • Equal Pay Audits across all ‘protected characteristics’.
  • Pay Fairness and Reporting: Gender/Ethnicity/Disability Pay Gap evaluations, as well as CEO pay reporting.

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External Evaluation

  • An external benchmarking review of D&I best practice, evaluating initiatives, policies and reporting data from the most relevant comparators to help support the development of future frameworks and strategies.

For further information please contact Louise Haines, Managing Director at Henley Reward Consulting on [email protected] or 07798630382