Ovo Energy introduces unlimited compassionate and pregnancy loss leave

Ovo EnergyEnergy provider Ovo Energy has launched an enhanced benefits package for its workforce in order to promote employee wellbeing, flexibility, belonging and inclusion, which includes compassionate and pregnancy loss leave.

Known as its ‘People Offer’, the package provides employees with unlimited, fully paid compassionate leave to take the time to properly grieve the loss of a loved one, as well as unlimited paid leave for any kind of pregnancy-related loss, including miscarriage, abortion, ectopic pregnancy and unsuccessful IVF attempts.

Other benefits include five days of ‘Moments that Matter’ paid leave every four years, where staff can take days to celebrate events such as their child’s first day of school or getting married, or dedicate to learning a new life skill. Employees have also been given paid recharge leave, granted after intense periods at a manager’s discretion, and additional leave for those undergoing or supporting a partner through IVF treatment, while they attend and recover from appointments.

Ovo Energy also offers flexible working, default green pensions, minimum pay of £11 per hour, three bank holidays that are automatically booked off, the ability to choose how and when other bank holiday days are taken, and the chance to adjust their 9% flex pay to best meet current needs. This can be spent on benefits or taken as cash.

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Charlotte Eaton, chief people officer at Ovo Energy, said: “Grief is experienced differently from person to person, so we feel strongly that we shouldn’t be prescriptive when it comes to compassionate leave, or leave for pregnancy loss. We hope that the offer of unlimited leave in both instances will allow individuals to recharge before returning to work with full support.

“Similarly, we know these past few years have been extremely difficult for everyone, and events such as the pandemic have made many reassess their priorities. Family time and space to reflect is crucial to overall wellbeing, so we hope the flexible working policy and recharge leave will be equally welcomed by our people.”