New Directions Group introduces giving back scheme

New Directions, a group of organisations whose purpose is to support and safeguard UK communities, has launched a Giving Back Day scheme for all its 180 employees.

The employer will give every member of staff a day’s paid leave, which is to be taken away from the workplace, to support local charities, organisations, activities, events and projects that they feel passionate about and are close to their heart.

According to the group, which comprises New Directions Education, New Directions Pharmacy, New Directions Health and Social Care, ND Care and Support and Checks Direct, the scheme does not have to be linked to a sponsored activity or involve any financial contribution or association.

Employees can choose to use their day of paid leave either on an individual basis, or as part of a team, with some planning to use it to clean up green spaces locally as part of initiatives organised by the launched New Directions Eco Committee, for example.

Staff can also choose to volunteer or support related initiatives in the sectors New Directions works in, such as education, health and social care, domiciliary care, pharmacy, and employment checks, but ultimately can choose to put the day towards any cause they wish.

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Emily Tune, chief executive officer at New Directions, said: “The Giving Back Day really is as simple it sounds, it is about New Directions as an organisation giving the highly valued people we work with the opportunity to support local charities, organisations, activities, events and projects in any way they choose.

“Our only stipulation is that it positively impacts and benefits the local community in some way, with the view that all of our employees here at New Directions get to experience just how great it feels to support a cause that is truly relevant to them.”