McDonald’s makes the call to entice staff


Something for the weekend: As employers struggle to find innovative ways of attracting new recruits following the lifting of lockdown restrictions, one branch of McDonald’s has made the call to entice them with the lure of new technology.

Forget free Big Macs and french fries, the fast-food franchise in Illinois, US, is taking its incentives to the next level by offering a free iPhone to employees after six months of service in recognition of their commitment and hard work.

A photo of the promotional advertisement, which was displayed in the restaurant’s window, reportedly went viral when it was shared on Twitter over the weekend.

The job advert boasted a “free iPhone after six months employment and meet employment criteria”. I don’t know about you, but I’m lovin’ it.

McDonald’s insisted this was not a corporate-backed initiative, but it confirmed that its franchisees could offer “various incentives” to attract staff in the face of an increasing labour shortage in the US.

While the fast-food retailer has raised its hourly wage by 10% to attract staff, this does not include stores owned by franchisees, which make up the majority of its restaurants, resulting in some turning to eye-catching incentives such as a free iPhone.

Here at Employee Benefits we totally support the introduction of new incentives and perks and have always come out and are happy to make that call for better rewards.