JMK Solicitors increases minimum salary to £20,000

JMK Solicitors increases minimum salary to £20,000 for staff
Image credit: JMK Solicitors

Law firm JMK Solicitors has committed to paying its full-time staff a minimum salary of £20,000, exceeding the legal minimum wage requirement of £8.72 an hour for employees over 25.

The organisation which employs 60 staff introduced these new pay measures to support its staff and recognise them for their efforts. From December 2020, all staff member will be paid at least a salary of £20,000.

This adds to the reduction in working hours which was announced in June 2020 to engage staff and increase productivity. The law firm reduced work hours by 20%, however employees saw no reduction in pay despite working fewer hours.

In addition, JMK Solicitors has offered staff flexible working hours and additional paid time off to support them during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

Michelle Murphy, head of operations and HR at JMK Solicitors, said: “We are committed to offering the best benefits and remuneration package to all of the dedicated members of our organisation.

“Our administration team is vital to our continued success; they provide essential support to our legal advisors as well as an invaluable service to our clients. We are committing not only to meet that target set by the government but beating it.”

“We are proud that we have the best team at JMK Solicitors, and we want to reward our existing staff members and attract the best in the future. We are lucky to have such a professional and skilled set of people to work with, and we know that making them feel rewarded makes for a happy workforce and our clients really appreciate and benefit from that in what is often a very stressful time following an injury or accident.”