Itsu launches benefits centred on major life transitions


Restaurant and grocery chain Itsu has launched a benefits package that aims to support its 1,500 members of staff through major life transitions, including becoming a parent, moving home, and undergoing gender reassignment.

Among the benefits it introduced in November was paid leave for various life events. For employees experiencing the menopause, Itsu added 10 days per year, in addition to their existing entitlements. Those undergoing gender reassignment can access one month of paid time off, in addition to their other leave entitlements.

The organisaion has also introduced an adoption leave policy and shared parental leave, both of which match maternity leave at six months. It also brought in 10 paid days off per year for those undergoing fertility treatment.

The gender reassignment, menopause and fertility leave policies are available to staff after six months of employment.

Hourly-paid employees are subject to a separate parental leave agreement, amounting to six weeks at full pay and a £500 bonus for mothers, and a top up of the two week statutory leave and £500 bonus for fathers.

Approximately 40% of Itsu’s employees will be eligible for the new leave benefits.

The employer has also trained its people partners to coach general managers in supporting expectant mothers, while new parents have been given the opportunity to flex their return to work.

Itsu also introduced financial support in the form of an interest-free loan up to 40% of salary, in order to help with life events such as home deposits, as well as access to an online GP, life assurance and accident cover.

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Harry Housen, chief people officer at Itsu, said: “We strive to offer our people a fulfilling career so it’s essential we support our teams through their big life transitions at a time when the cost-of-living crisis is affecting many people. Through listening to our teams, we have created a wellbeing support package designed to meet the needs of our people in a modern business environment.”

In September, Itsu gave staff a 13% pay increase in order to help them cope with the rising cost of living.