EXCLUSIVE: Farrer and Co focuses on employee health and wellbeing

Farrer and Co has increased its focus on employee health and wellbeing with lunch-and-learn sessions, whereby staff can explore issues such as work-life balance, mental health and stress management.

The sessions, available to all 380 employees, were held at the law firm’s office in August.

In tandem with Farrer and Co’s annual flexible benefits enrolment window in July, the firm also extended its health checks to cover employees’ family members.

Employees and their families are able to select options like mole screening and can spread the cost over 12 months.

It has also added a travel gift card to its flex package. The card can be used to pay for things like holidays or travel-related services such as car parking. Employees are entitled to a 7% discount so, for example, if they want to load the card with the monthly minimum of £10, it costs them £9.30.

The law firm informed staff of the changes to the flex scheme through its intranet, onsite presentations and drop-in sessions with HR. It also sent a communications leaflet to all employees.

Christine Yeomans, HR manager at Farrer and Co, said: “We see this as a good supplement to the flexible benefits scheme to make sure that it focuses on all areas in which we want to support our staff.”

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