Case Study: B&Q updates staff recognition scheme

B&Q tools up to reward achievement

In March, DIY retailer B&Q updated its ‘thank-you’ scheme to incorporate its new corporate giftcard product. The scheme is a way for B&Q’s 34,000 staff to recognise colleagues’ achievements at work.

The new scheme includes a website, which employees visit to send electronic thank-you messages. Then, at the end of every month, one or more recipients are chosen to receive the B&Q giftcard. Under the previous scheme, the gift would have been a high-street voucher.

Leon Foster-Hill, employee engagement manager at B&Q, explains: “We wanted to get away from vouchers as they could be used in different types of retailers, including our competitor, Homebase, but not in our own stores.” Employees that redeem the giftcard have the added advantage of receiving a 20% staff discount on any purchases. B&Q receives an added benefit of increased security because cards are not loaded with funds until they are presented to its top monthly achievers.

So far, 10,000 cards have been sent out to stores ready to distribute, but it is too early for B&Q to report on the scheme’s success.