BT Group expands global pay review process

BT Group has expanded the reach of its global pay review process to include 38,000 employees across 60 countries using software from Talentia. 

The telecommunications organisation had previously only used the software provider’s web-based package to support and manage the process for management.

Stakeholders and managers can now oversee the process and see how pay is distributed throughout the organisation.

The key benefits include:

  • A workflow-driven process that enables senior management to approve budgets and monitor progress in real time.
  • The facilitation of BT’s share incentive plans for employees.
  • A thorough approval process, which offers the opportunity for management to see how pay is distributed and whether pay increases are justified.
  • A global process for sending out letters to employees, which incorporates international law practices and languages to ensure that the right message reaches each employee, regardless of location.

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Sue Fry, HR reward manager at BT, said: “Working with Talentia has facilitated a different way of working for us at BT.

“Its web-based pay review product is a huge transition from the days of spreadsheets and has resulted in error reduction, a clear audit trail and greater transparency across the business.”