Nielsen success with new childcare voucher provider

Nielsen, the global market research company, has seen 10% of its workforce take up childcare vouchers.

This follows a change of provider to one which was able to provide Nielsen with the personalised support it needed in the marketing, administration and market updates on childcare vouchers.

Before switching provider, Nielsen conducted a satisfaction survey among its employees to assess what benefits they valued most.

Clare Haupt, rewards and benefits manager at Nielsen said: “It was very quickly apparent that childcare vouchers were considered highly important to a significant number of employees. Clear marketing and easy to understand literature about the benefits of childcare vouchers would be needed in order to make them attractive to employees, as well as being relevant to the business”.

Nielsen considered several different service providers before opting to partner with Sodexo Motivation Solutions.Haupt said: “The support the company could offer and the regular updates on developments in the industry were a major deciding factor for us.”

It was important to Nielsen to raise awareness within the business about the childcare voucher scheme.

The success of the childcare vouchers scheme has led reward manager, Clare Haupt to consider offering the 11,000 staff other niche and flexible benefits.

Haupt explained: “Our aim is to be much more accommodating in the way we deliver benefits to our employees. In the future, we will look for a suitable flexible platform that can unite all of our different benefits schemes.”

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