47% know a colleague who has quit work due to stress

Nearly half (47%) of respondents know a colleague who has quit work due to stress, according to research by Capita Employee Benefits.


Its second Annual employee insight report, which interviewed more than 3,000 UK employees, found that 79% of respondents have been stressed at work in the past year.

The research also found that nearly half (48%) of respondents felt their employer has a responsibility to help them manage their personal health and wellbeing.

But more than a quarter (28%) of respondents who have personally suffered from stress said, that after addressing the issue with their employer, nothing had been done.

Alistair Dornan (pictured), head of health and risk management at Capita Employee Benefits, said: “Considering the cost of absenteeism, lowered productivity and talent leaving organisations on their bottom lines, it’s vital employers start taking stress seriously.

“To tackle the growing stress epidemic organisations must encourage an open dialogue about stress with staff.

“Half the problem with stress is that it can be a silent issue, with people simply taking time off because they can’t face work.”