Salesforce UK, Hilton and The Sovini Group named 2018’s UK Best Workplaces


Admiral Group, Hilton, Pets at Home, The Sovini Group and Salesforce UK (pictured) are among the organisations that have been named the UK Best Workplaces 2018 by the Great Place to Work Institute.

The Best Workplaces list is based on results from an employee engagement survey and an independent workplace culture audit, which analyses HR and management policies that contribute towards employee engagement.

A number of organisations entered the UK Best Workplaces list for the first time this year, such as telecommunications organisation TalkTalk, which ranks in 33rd place in the large employer category.

The top five organisations on the Best Workplaces list, in the large, medium and small categories, are:

UK Best Workplaces, large

  1. The Sovini Group
  2. Barringa Partners
  3. Salesforce UK
  4. Cisco UK
  5. Pets at Home

UK Best Workplaces, medium

  1. Workday
  2. Bdht
  3. Intuit UK
  4. Natilik
  5. Vibe

UK Best Workplaces, small

  1. McCarthy Recruitment
  2. Foundation SP
  3. Automation Logic
  4. ISL
  5. Futureheads Recruitment

Jo Tripp, HR director at Liberis, which ranks 21st in the medium employer category, said: “It’s always been important to us that Liberis truly is a brilliant workplace, where we respect our people and look after them in the best way possible. Having an independent [organisation] come in to assess this, to mark where we’re getting things right, and the areas where we can improve, has been a really useful, rewarding experience.

“Working on our application and assessment was a great opportunity to pull the team together too. It was so lovely to sit in a room and just talk about all the wonderful things we do, and to share that across all of our teams. It’s been a real celebration of culture.”