Zipcar launches salary sacrifice scheme

Zipcar has launched a salary sacrifice arrangement for employers to offer to staff.

The car-sharing organisation offers access to a range of low-carbon cars on a pay-as-you-go basis, for anything from one hour to a week at a time.

The salary sacrifice scheme allows employees to sacrifice a specified amount of their pre-tax salary each month on reservations for blocks of driving time. for Ziptime.

Employers offering the scheme can benefit from a reduction in national insurance (NI) contributions.

All cars offered by Zipcar are low-emission, so they can also complement an organisation’s corporate social responsibility policies.

As part of the scheme, the annual £60 membership fee to Zipcar is waived.

Reservations can be made via the Zipcar iPhone and Android applications, online or over the phone.

Mark Walker, general manager at Zipcar, said: “Zipcar’s salary sacrifice scheme marks a new era in employee benefits;†a tangible benefit that combines all the advantages of a salary sacrifice car scheme with the economic and green benefits of car club membership.

“In the current economic climate, more drivers are looking for low-cost, hassle-free alternatives to private-car ownership, which is why Zipcar’s salary sacrifice scheme makes an attractive incentive for organisations to offer staff, particularly as it involves no additional investment.”

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