Boots raises satisfaction with staff recognition scheme

Boots has helped to raise its staff satisfaction score to 80% by implementing a new recognition scheme.

The company’s Great Place to Work Survey, which took place in March, shows a rise of 2% from last year. In addition, 67% of Boots’ staff said they felt recognised and praised at work, up 3% from 64% in 2009.

Its recognition scheme is centred around Boots Advantage Cards, which are now offered to employees in the chemist’s 2,800 stores as reward vouchers in amounts of either £5- or £20-worth of store loyalty points. Managers can also reward points to employees to be added directly to the cards.

Kathryn Fletcher, senior reward analyst at Boots, said: “We have not offered anything like this before. We needed something a bit more instant rather than the lengthy reward applications. And the loyalty scheme is pumping money back into the store.”

The vouchers have received a great deal of positive feedback from staff. Over the last quarter, 18,000 cards were sent to stores across the UK.

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