Asda moves to segment motivation

Asda 430

Retail-chain Asda currently has a one-size-fits-all motivation strategy for its 175,000 employees, but it is hoping to offer more diverse options in the future.

It uses its annual employee engagement survey, Your Voice, to find out more about what its employees want and need in terms of benefits and motivation. In 2015, 143,648 of its employees took part in the survey and Asda segmented the data it collected in terms of factors such as employee grade, age and location.

The retailer also randomly selects 10% of its workforce each quarter to take part in a pulse survey to ensure that the staff motivation data it has is as up to date as possible.

In 2013, Asda conducted focus groups to find out what really mattered to its staff. It used this feedback to develop its colleague pledges of respect, fairness at work, opportunities and having pride in the organisation.

Carl Tabisz, senior manager, leadership and engagement at Asda, says: “We have so many different people working at Asda, different age groups, levels of experience and jobs, so we need to use what we know about them to have a better-informed motivation strategy.