HSBC guarantees part-time roles to all new parents

HSBC is to offer all employees a part-time role on a pro-rata salary at the same level as their original position following maternity or paternity leave.

The bank will offer the option to returning parents in a bid to help employees balance the demands of family life with their career development.

HSBC also supports families, and those wanting to start families, in the following ways:

  • Flexible working options, including job share, and an option to take an unpaid year out on sabbatical.
  • Up to five days paid leave per year to deal with family emergencies (statutory is one or two days unpaid).
  • Up to 12 days per year for fertility treatment.
  • 14 weeks at full pay when on maternity leave, rather than the statutory requirement of six weeks at 90%.
  • A working parent network to support those going on family leave and those returning to work.

Sue Jex, head of employee relations at HSBC, said: “As a business, we see about 1,100 staff each year taking parental leave following childbirth and, of this number, 87% want to return to work.

“By guaranteeing our returning parents part-time roles, we are supporting our staff by offering more flexible working patterns in order to help balance the need for childcare while maintaining household income.

“Some people assume that once people are parents, they are no longer interested in career progression and this has sometimes been an excuse for why there are not more women represented in senior business roles and at board level. At HSBC, we are committed to bringing more women into senior positions.

“We hope that by guaranteeing part-time roles we can encourage those women who want to continue their careers and allow them to reach the levels to which they aspire.”

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