Visualsoft focuses on employee happiness via online survey


Web development organisation Visualsoft uses a number of ways to measure employee engagement. The main method is an online weekly micro-survey. This allows its 220 employees to anonymously answer questions set by the business. The questions measure employee feedback across nine main areas: communication and transparency, company 360, culture, personal development, recognition, the leadership team, team peers, individual performance, and talent retention and attraction. The question changes every week and every four weeks a baseline question is asked: ‘How happy are you at work?’

The organisation also uses peer-to-peer recognition, which encourages employees to recognise the positive values and behaviours that they see in their colleagues. Emma Hart, HR manager, says: “We understand that recognition is viewed highly when it comes to engaged employees.”

Visualsoft’s intranet system also has a feedback tool that allows employees to give feedback and suggestions about how it can improve the working environment or strengthen the organisation’s platform. “Keeping employees involved makes them feel valued and more engaged within the [organisation] and its services,” says Hart.

In addition, the employer carries out regular performance reviews and communicates through a weekly newsletter to make sure employees know what is going on within the organisation.

“We are big believers that an engaged employee is one who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work. In engaged employees, there’s an emotional commitment and there’s discretionary effort. So, to honour that commitment, we offer a number of employee benefits.”

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The next phase for Visualsoft will be to focus on mental health and wellbeing, and financial help and support.

“Since we introduced our health and wellbeing benefits package, the biggest impact we have seen has been the work-life balance of our employees,” says Hart. “Employees are less stressed and feel empowered and trusted to manage their work-life balance though defined key performance indicators (KPIs) and a visible progression route within the [organisation]. Our unlimited paid holiday policy and flexible working has created a great culture of trust and fully engaged and motivated employees.”