Vouchers rolled out to Adidas staff

Sportswear company Adidas has begun the first phase of aligning its benefits package for staff following its acquisition of Reebok in April. This month, it will roll out a childcare voucher scheme to 800 Adidas employees. A similar scheme is already offered to Reebok’s 600 staff.

Carol Hallworth, HR adviser for operations, said the company is now working towards combining the two benefits packages. “We’re just concentrating on integration at the moment, and that will be ongoing over the next 12-18 months.”

She added that she only expected a modest take-up of the scheme because a number of its lower-paid store-based staff could not participate in salary sacrifice. “We’ve got a lot of part time people in the stores. Although we’ve got a lot of people with children they may not need the benefit of a childcare voucher,” said Hallworth.

However, Adidas expects a higher take-up at the head office in Stockport, which employs about 350 staff.