PWC launches DB pensions risk analytics product

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) has launched a pensions risk analytics product that allows employers and trustees to manage, monitor and take decisions about their defined benefit (DB) pension issues.

Its Skyval product models pension scheme assets and liabilities accurately and in real time.

It has been developed in conjunction with financial technology organisation PensionsFirst Analytics.

The product includes:

  • Real-time access to accounting disclosures, assumptions benchmarking, scheme funding valuations and scenarios.
  • Pensions risk-management analysis and data on risk transactions. 
  • ‘What-if’ sensitivity testing.
  • Access via a PWC adviser or licensed as a web-based software service.

Michael Rendell, head of global human resources consulting at PWC, said: “We have developed Skyval to meet the increasing needs of employers and trustees to better understand and manage the risks in their pension schemes.

“Skyval transforms the way pensions actuarial advice is provided, significantly drives down adviser costs and allows organisations more control over the major financial burden of defined benefit pensions schemes on their balance sheets.”

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Raj Mody, head of pensions advisory at PWC, added: “All those involved in making decisions about their pension schemes have been telling us this is what they need.

“Skyval means finance directors, treasurers, pensions managers, trustees and chief information officers can now accurately monitor the risks in their pension schemes on a regular basis and quickly capitalise on opportunities to improve the status of their pension scheme.”