Andrew Morris: Choice is key to dental benefits

I read your article Dental benefits prove their worth with interest.

The key to successful and mutually beneficial dental benefits is employee choice.

Having access to the most relevant dental treatments at appropriate prices will encourage staff to visit a dentist regularly.

This, in turn, will increase their appreciation of good oral health and reduce absenteeism through ill-health.

As oral health continues to improve, there will be further interest in cosmetic dentistry and some creative solutions are appearing on the market.

Traditional dental insurance does not cover adult orthodontics or cosmetic procedures, both of which are increasing in demand. We have also seen a rise in claims for implants and this trend will grow.

Restricted or expensive treatments such as these have led to dental tourism, with staff considering cheaper treatment plans delivered in Europe.

A UK dental insurer should offer cover to its members if this is the route they decide to take.

Andrew Morris is business development director at National Dental Plan