Jaama launches new version of online fleet information portal

Jaama has launched a new version of its electronic driver services (EDS) module that allows employees who drive their own vehicles on business to record documentation online.

EDS is a risk management tool and a driver information portal within the fleet software organisation’s Key2 Vehicle Management system.

Drivers have always been able to compile and submit business mileage expense claims online through the system and driving licence information has also been available. With the launch of version two, employees are now able to upload other key duty-of-care-related documentation including insurance details, proof of vehicle servicing and MOT certificates.

Built-in automated exception reporting then notifies employers of any drivers that have failed to provide the required information on schedule.

The system also generates emails to drivers that updated documentation is required and reminders are sent to any employees who fail to complete the details, highlighting the importance of submitting the requested information should they initially fail to respond.

Martin Evans, sales director at Jaama, said: “Industry reports frequently highlight that best practice duty-of-care management of grey fleet drivers is the Achilles heel for many fleets.

“The up-to-date recording of driver and vehicle documentation is essential if organisations are to have a complete occupational road risk management audit trail of grey fleet drivers. But, fleet decision-makers can find it an administration headache to continually keep on top of the task, particularly if drivers are located nationwide rather than in one office or depot.

“The new version of EDS puts the onus firmly on drivers to provide the required information on a scheduled basis. A failure to do so will generate regular reminders and could put them in breach of their contract of employment.”

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