The benefits of lego building, beer smelling and train pushing

Lego-SFTW-2016Something for the weekend… 

From becoming a master lego builder to taking on the role of beer smeller, there are numerous unusual vacancies emerging onto the 2016 job market.

Jobs such as the aforementioned could also mean a hefty pay rise for some employees, with roles such as a placenta chef paying around £15 an hour, and a job as a chicken sexer, which involves determining whether a chick is male or female, paying around £40,000 a year.

CV writing firm StandOut CV has revealed the 10 quirkiest jobs available to apply for this year, as well as the salaries successful applicants can expect to receive.

These jobs are:

1. Placenta chef

As the trend for eating placentas after giving birth gains increasing attention, vacancies for placenta chefs are beginning to appear on sites such as Craigslist. Previous experience cooking placenta is listed as a requirement.

Salary: £15 an hour.

2. Astronaut

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is advertising for astronauts to take part in a human mission to Mars. The launch isn’t expected to take place until at least 2030. Applicants must hold a degree in biological or physical science, mathematics or engineering, and have at least three years of experience in a relevant field or over 1,000 hours experience piloting a jet.

Salary: Unknown.

3. Chicken sexer

The British Poultry Council is currently experiencing a shortage of chicken sexers. The main role of a chicken sexer is to determine whether a chick is male or female so they can be reared appropriately. The role involves three years of training.

Salary: £40,000 a year.

4. Beer smeller

Scottish start up BrewDog is currently looking for someone to smell and drink beer to help them find the best attributes in each product. A science degree is desirable and experience is essential.

Salary: Negotiable and dependent on experience.

5. Animal therapy handler

Pets As Therapy and Canine Concern Scotland Trust are looking for volunteers to share the fun their pets bring with those in residential homes, hospitals and special needs schools. Being an animal owner and lover is essential and previous experience is not necessary.

Salary: Unpaid.

6. Train pusher

Due to overcrowding, Japan’s train network has started hiring professional pushers to push people onto trains. Pushers are also required to pull off passengers that have attempted to board the train too late or when the train is at capacity.

Salary: Unknown.

7. Master lego builder

Lego is now offering the opportunity for a skilled lego aficionado to become a master lego builder at one of its theme parks or discovery centres. The role is highly competitive and selective; Lego has just 40 master lego builders worldwide.

Salary: $37,500 a year.

8. Video game tester

Video game testers are needed to play new games, report faults and ensure overall quality.

Salary: Starting salaries begin at around £12,000-£18,000 a year, rising to £25,000 for more experienced gamers.

9. Dog poo picker-upper

A US-based dog poo removal service is looking for staff. The ideal candidate should not be frightened of dogs, and be happy to work outdoors in all weathers.Experience is not necessary, but a high school education or equivalent is required.

Salary: $10-$12 an hour.

10. Manager of Chelsea Football Club

There is a spot open to manage the Premier League team after the football club parted ways with Jose Mourinho in December.

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Salary: Expected to be in the millions.

The Employee Benefits team is wondering how many other unusual roles are out there and what kind of pay and benefits they might offer…