Pimlico Plumbers uses face-to-face auto-enrolment strategy

Pimlico Plumbers, London’s largest independent plumbing company, adopted an HR-led, face-to-face strategy to communicate auto-enrolment to its 200 employees.

Dominic Ceraldi, head of HR, says: “The strategy was simple, but thorough and effective. I and the other three members of the HR team met regularly with the company’s pension provider to make sure we were fully aware of the details of the reform and how it will affect the business as well as our employees.

“The HR department has always been the place our employees have come to when dealing with pensions, so I met each member of staff individually to discuss auto-enrolment. I have also arranged for them all to meet our pension and insurance advisers next year to get a clear understanding of the reforms and to highlight the benefits of auto-enrolment.”

Aviva is Pimlico Plumbers’ pensions provider and QBE handles the organisation’s business insurances. As part of the strategy, staff were also asked to complete an anonymous questionnaire seeking their views on the organisation’s pension scheme. Feedback showed about 30% of employees would consider opting out of the scheme come auto-enrolment.

Ceraldi says: “They tended to be the people who are already struggling with the spiralling cost of living and see the reforms as another tax on them. This group of employees will need the most persuading to recognise the long-term benefits of the scheme, and that is something we will factor into our future communications strategy.”

Ceraldi says the costs of developing and implementing a communication strategy have been minimal, and relate to the time spent planning and meeting.