Chiswick Park makes fitness classes visible for workers

Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work has offered employees its ‘Fit for a fiver’ programme, which includes on-site lunchtime sessions in yoga, pilates, tai chi and kickboxing since 2011.

The business park, which houses employers such as Absolute, Disney Discovery, Paramount and Starbucks, runs a variety of regular health and wellbeing events, which are available to 8,000 employees across 45 organisations.


It also hosts annual wellness weeks with a focus on information seminars and one-to-one health clinics.

In 2014, classes and sessions will include hot yoga, karate and zumba, as well as reiki, life coaching and nutrition on the go. Feel Good Friday, with provider Feel Good Co, offers access to on-site manicures and massages.

Gemma McNeilis, communications and corporate social responsibility manager for Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work, says: “Employees benefit from programmes and services designed to support work-life balance and increase productivity.  

“We are constantly building upon our existing health and wellbeing programme to increase its impact, reach greater numbers of employees and more closely align with our [employers’] objective to be an employer of choice.

“We understand that the future financial health of organisations relates closely to the wellbeing of their employees.” 

Trial and error

To determine the types of class in which employees were most interested, the business park went through a lot of trial and error. “We are in regular discussion with the employees on the park, and they are not shy in telling us what they want,” says McNeilis. 

“We are able to quickly respond to feedback and adapt our programmes accordingly. Each summer we employ a team of experts to run our weekly sports programme. They quickly develop a rapport with employees, and we have been fortunate enough to attract some former Olympians.” 

The various fitness classes, as well as other health and wellbeing benefits, are communicated across the business park using an intranet site, email, electronic screens and word of mouth.

McNeilis adds: “All activities take place outside in a highly visible area, so even the most reluctant fitness fans can’t help but see it, and hopefully be persuaded to join.”