North Yorkshire County Council to launch salary sacrifice car scheme

North Yorkshire County Council is to launch a salary sacrifice car scheme which will be made available to around 30,000 employees. 

The four-year scheme, which is due to go live in April, will be part of the council’s flexible benefits package and covers cars with carbon emissions of less than 120g per km, of which there are almost 600 different models.

Its provider Tusker hopes to extend the agreement beyond North Yorkshire so it is available for UK contracting public sector authorities, including government departments, non-departmental public bodies, the National Health Service (NHS), local authorities, police authorities and emergency services.

John Robinson, reward consultant at North Yorkshire County Council, said he expected take-up of up to 500 cars during the first year of the contract, having already had initial enquiries from 250 council employees before the scheme goes live on 1 April.

He said: “Basically, any public sector body that is interested in introducing a salary sacrifice cars scheme for its staff can do so without having to invest the time and cost associated with going out to tender, because of the pan-Government Collaborative Framework agreement.

“It is difficult to quantify how many employees could take it up as it depends on how many public sector bodies adopt the scheme, but it is hoped to be numbered in the high hundreds.”

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