Danone rolls out global parental policy in Australia, Italy and NZ


Multinational food production organisation Danone has rolled out its global parental policy in Australia, Italy and New Zealand for 1,259 employees.

Danone’s global parental policy, which was initially launched in March 2017, was yesterday (5 April 2018) rolled out to its 330 employees in Australia, 419 employees based in New Zealand and 510 staff working in Italy.

The global policy, which is applicable for women, men and adoptive parents working at Danone, enables birth parents who are the primary caregivers to take up to 18 weeks of fully-paid leave and secondary caregivers can take up to 10 working days of paid leave. Adoptive parents are able to take 14 weeks of fully-paid leave.

In addition, the policy offers all expectant mothers adapted working conditions, allocated time off for pre-natal medical appointments and nutritional advice. Lactation rooms for mothers are provided at Danone’s offices which have more than 50 female employees and job protection policies, back-to-work programmes and flexible working arrangements are also offered in all countries.

The global parental policy, which has been implemented to provide a consistent standard of support to all expectant parents across the organisation, is being gradually rolled out across Danone’s operating locations and plans to be fully operational by the end of 2020.

Lorna Davis (pictured), chief manifesto catalyst at Danone, said: “Starting a family brings many joys and challenges to those wanting to build successful careers. However, one should not need to come at the expense of the other.

“Our parental policy aims to give everyone the opportunity to achieve their personal, family and professional ambitions, irrespective of gender. This is one way Danone promotes equality worldwide.”