EXCLUSIVE: NATS introduces salary sacrifice company car scheme

National Air Traffic Services (NATS) has launched a salary sacrifice company car scheme as part of a wider programme to support its 4,500 staff in making low-emission travel choices.

The air traffic management firm already offers a bikes-for-work scheme, car-share scheme, and shuttle bus from the local train station to its business park in Hampshire.

Ian Jopson, head of environment for NATS, said: “We work hard at NATS to support sustainable travel options.

“We have managed to reduce our carbon footprint as a company by about 26% over the past three years. The new scheme is going even further into our carbon footprint.”

The bike scheme has been running for four years, and has more than 200 employees taking part. The firm has enhanced its facilities as well, by putting in lockers and showers. The car-sharing scheme encourages staff to carpool to work. A section of the car park is set aside for users of the scheme, with allocated parking spots close to the building.

The firm’s key objectives are to encourage employees to select low-emission cars, so the emissions on the company car scheme, which is provided by Zenith, are capped at 120g per km. This will also increase the savings available to staff because the lower the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions produced by a car, the lower the benefit-in-kind tax payable.

Since the scheme’s launch, on 1 March, more than 100 new cars have been ordered. The average CO2 emissions for all cars on order are 107g per km and more than a third have emissions of under 100g per km.

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Jopson added: “This is a great scheme because it gives us another way to reduce environmental impacts and it can save money too.”

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