Subsea 7 launches salary sacrifice car scheme

Subsea 7, a sub-sea engineering and construction company, has launched a salary sacrifice car scheme as part of its flexible benefits package to around 1,800 employees throughout the UK.

Subsea 7 offers a flexible benefits package to all staff which already included salary sacrifice options for both pension and childcare vouchers.

Senior human resources manager, Jackie Mann, said the company wanted to make as many benefits options available to staff as possible.

“Offering a car as part of our flexible benefits package is very much in line with our policy of giving our employees as many benefits options as possible,” she said.

“We set an upper carbon emissions limit of 160g/km for cars that can be included in the scheme, and have so far had in excess of 40 new car orders in the two months that the scheme has been live.

“There has been a very positive reaction from our employees. Cars being ordered are generally smaller, with lower emissions, than cars that we have seen ordered through the cash allowance system that we had previously made available to senior employees in the company.

“This is good news for us as it is in line with our environmental policy objective of being seen to be environmentally friendly and running as many ‘green’ cars as possible.”

Subsea has appointed Tusker to provide the scheme.

“Our employees have taken to the new system extremely well and adapted to it very quickly as they were used to salary sacrifice from the previous benefits that we offered,” added Mann. “They are allowed to take as many cars as they want, although in practical terms this has been up to two per person.”

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