Isolation Changes during ‘Pingdemic’ – What HR Need to Know

The ‘pingdemic’ told more than 600,000 people to isolate via the NHS app in July 2021. The UK is now well versed in changes in COVID rules. Our ever-changing system to keep us safe evolves almost monthly! Now with the new pingdemic where individuals are being ‘pinged’ by the NHS app, more and more of your people may have to self-isolate. Isolation has caused many issues with staffing and HR for several industries such as hospitality and health care.

However, since August 16th, the rules have changed. Those with two COVID-19 vaccinations no longer have to self-isolate for ten days. They are, instead, told to do a PCR test and use face masks in busy areas. Although, they still need to isolate themselves if they test positive or show symptoms. As a result, individuals can now go to work and commute freely.

What can HR do for their people during the pingdemic?

Here are some manageable and effective ways to support your people if they are anxious, unsure or when the NHS App alerts them.

Working from home during the pingdemic

Your people may have the ability to work from home. Therefore, giving them flexibility will bolster employee engagement. An increase in engagement is due to less pressure, more time and more importantly, individuals feel like valued members of the team.


It is probably no surprise that communication is the backbone of any company culture. Increasingly, communication is becoming more crucial due to rule changes, and people may not be within their place of work often.

The pingdemic has changed this further. Uncertainty and new rule changes mean you need to reassure your people in a clear, concise, and honest way.

Support during the pingdemic

Lastly, offering support to those who may feel anxious, uncertain, and worried about their situation will help your people immensely. Support through rewards and recognition will show appreciation to your people. Even when they have to work from home or isolate themselves. For example, using perks at work such as employee vouchers to say thank you is a great way to keep your people inspired and connected.

Alternatively, keeping an open-door policy will enable your people to come to you with any worries.

During this pingdemic and beyond, HR needs to keep up with the facts and remain vigilant. You must be done with a friendly and supportive atmosphere through their recognition, flexibility, and communication. Without these, individuals may worry, which may lead to mistakes.

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