Introducing the COVID-19 Return to Work app

Over the coming months, businesses will need frameworks that allow them to recover from the economic damage of the pandemic whilst ensuring the physical and mental safety of their workforces.

However, as fears of the second wave are being realised; the World Health Organisation (WHO) declaring that 13th September 2020 saw a record daily rise in COVID-19 cases, the universally shared caution for employee safety is at the forefront of all employers minds.

Introducing Huma Health Shield 

Huma Health Shield is a new app to help facilitate an emotionally and physically safe return to the workplace during COVID-19. Each day, before going to work, employees can use the core modules of Huma Health Shield to:

  • Self-report any symptoms 
  • Track their vital signs 
  • Receive a personal risk assessment based on their COVID-19 exposure
  • Access official guidance on COVID-19 prevention throughout their workplace. 

Huma Health Shield can act as first line defence, preventing COVID-19 from entering the workplace, so businesses can focus on recovering whilst knowing their employees are protected and reassured. 

A solution that puts employees first

The pandemic has been an emotionally difficult time for everyone. The impending inevitability of returning to the workplace, for many, will be an anxious and concerning time.

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Giving your people the resources they need to feel reassured and the ability to make informed decisions based on their own personal health data is critical for a safe emotional return to the workplace. 

Download our brochure for the core features and benefits of Huma Health Shield for your workforce.