How to show recognition at work on Valentine’s day

At Each Person, we put recognition at work to the top of our agenda. With many forward-thinking companies doing the same, celebrating Valentine’s day is a perfect way to make your employees feel appreciated and show your gratitude. After all, Valentine’s day is becoming more about friendships and platonic appreciation more than ever.

Here are some invaluable ways to celebrate Valentine’s day in the workplace.

Saying it with an ecards

Sending ecards is a unique approach to showing recognition at work. It is quick, personable, and shows you truly care. With an enormous 40% of employees feeling that their work does not count, a simple Happy Valentine’s day ecard, paired with a thank you message could beat that statistic.

Each Person offers a way to do this! By setting up customisable ecards for employees, you can create fast, entertaining, and accessible ways of communicating to use throughout the year.

Donating to a good cause.

Donating can help drive a positive and caring atmosphere within the workplace. Asking employees to donate to a good cause is also a great bonding experience for your team whilst aiding specific initiatives such a climate change.

Each Person already has a convenient way to donate to something close to all our hearts with Eco-points. Partnered with Carbon Footprint, your team can use their Epoints they received from their recognition at work and turn them into trees! 200 Epoints is equal to 1 tree, making it an easy donation where everyone can partake. With 2020 being one of the hottest years to date, the gravity of fighting climate change has never been more significant.

Playlists for working

Creating a playlist that everyone in or out of the office can listen to is a clever method for creating a sense of togetherness and fun. Playlists are not just for Christmas, but all year round, and asking everyone to add to the line-up creates inclusivity and positivity.

90% of employees believe they work better whilst listening to music. Music stimulates dopamine in the brain, making employees feel more proactive, focused and increasing the possibility of reward and recognition at work. Generating more of a reason to introduce regular playlists.*

Remote Valentines cinema 

At the end of a hard week, inviting everyone to an online movie afternoon can be a new, Friday afternoon ritual. With lots of steaming websites like Netflix and Youtube offering online syncing services, it has never been easier for everyone to watch a film together. Requesting film nominations is a great way to improve recognition at work, showing you value your employee’s opinions. Epoints offer an incredible selection of hampers like the Valentine’s Day Gift Basket you could send out to employees, or perhaps send a gift voucher for your favourite supermarket, like Tesco, so they can purchase their own selection of snacks to get that cinema feeling everyone is missing.

Each Person is committed to helping you improve your reward and recognition at work, not just during Valentine’s day.

To find out more about how we do this visit Each Person or email us at [email protected] to discuss your potential.