How to make employee recognition more interactive and engaging

How to Make Employee Recognition More Interactive and Engaging

Employees who feel recognised and appreciated for their contributions at work are more likely to give their best effort.  The challenge for many organisations can be providing consistent employee recognition that is engaging for employees over time.

New technology can help facilitate quick and easy colleague interactions while providing the ideal solution to empower all employees within an organisation with the opportunity to contribute to its overall culture.

Here are six key features that an effective employee social recognition platform may include:

1 Recognition Wall
View all recognition interactions in one centralised location. This increases visibility and helps break down communication barriers between different levels of an organisation.

2 Group Recognition
The ability to praise team performance helps create a feel good factor and togetherness.

3 Personalised eCards
Share key celebrations and milestones with each other.

4 Multi-Device Compatible
The modern workforce prefers to interact via smartphone app or text message.

5 Resource Hub
Easily share company news, upcoming events and reinforce company core values.

6 Live Reporting Dashboards
Get an at-a-glance access to performance and engagement data for individuals, groups, departments and your organisation as a whole.

Modern employees enjoy interacting with their colleagues on a branded company platform that is compatible with their personal devices. TerryberryReward’s 360 Recognition platform has dedicated employee Social Recognition features that provide everything an organisations needs to kick start a culture of employee recognition.