How to come up with company values

Company values can be described as the core values or standards that guide your business. Your company values sum up what your business stands for, influence your company culture and drive how and why you do things. Company values help businesses grow and evolve without losing focus on what is important to them. Studies have shown that 58% of companies with clearly defined company values experienced growth of over 10%, compared to the companies that don’t define their values.

Examples of company values:


Commitment to customers






We’ve put together some simple and easy ways to come up with key company values and how to create a culture around them.

Communicate and brainstorm with your team
When coming up with company values it is important to take time to listen, collaborate and work as a team to brainstorm ideas. Having an open mind and listening to others is key. Encouraging employees to come up with phrases and words they believe describe your company culture will help you narrow down your list. It is key to think about what sets your company apart from other similar businesses and concentrate on bringing those aspects to light to attract the right employees and customers.

Take inspiration from companies you admire
If you are looking for some inspiration when coming up with your company values, try looking at the values of companies within a similar industry, or ones who’ve achieved the kind of goals you’re striving towards. However, remember that your values need to be unique to your company and should be tailored to you and your company’s culture.

Ask for feedback

To keep your company values aligned with your company’s mission and goals, it’s important to frequently reevaluate them. The easiest way to do this is by asking your employees for feedback. This could be by sending frequent surveys, this gives your team members a voice and helps you to find out whether employees are aligned with your company values. Once you and your team have come up with your values, it’s important to make them visible, when your values are visibly present in the workplace, it’s a reminder of what you stand for.

Recognise and reward company values

One of the easiest ways to demonstrate company values to your employees is to implement an employee recognition programme. This way employees are encouraged to thank and recognise their colleagues for behaviours and actions that support your company values and objectives.

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Ecards are a fantastic way to send a motivating message to a colleague and say thank you for your hard work. Each Person Ecards can be personalised to meet your company’s branding and ethos making it all the more personal. Alternatively, we offer employee vouchers that people can use across a range of online retailers.

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