How to build a reward and recognition program to increase productivity

When companies are looking to increase their focus on recognition, often it’s because employees are asking for it. There has been a survey and, inevitably, employees have shared that they just don’t get enough appreciation. In Reward Gateway research 70% of employees say that morale and motivation would improve if managers just said “Thank You” more. Fortunately, companies can move forward with the confidence that employee-stated needs fit the needs of the company.

A study from Bersin by Deloitte found that in organizations where recognition occurs, employee engagement, productivity, and customer service are about 14% better than those without. It’s a win-win. But how can you design a recognition plan that actually fulfills these goals? That causes people to feel effectively appreciated? And one that managers can feel confident is also supporting increased results?

That last piece is especially important. If managers believe recognition is driving results that are near and dear to their hearts, it moves from a “nice to do” to an action that consistently gets prioritized. Then your People Team no longer needs to walk around banging the recognition drum and can benefit from the increased engagement, reduced turnover, and cultural successes the program provides.

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