How technology can improve employee engagement

If you’re looking to improve employee engagement, it’s important to look at it as a long-term on-going commitment. All too often companies will go to great lengths to launch new employee benefits schemes for their employees and expect that engagement will suddenly go through the roof. If only it was that simple!

Relying on a launch campaign consisting of a few posters up in the workplace will not increase long term employee engagement. Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how good your benefits package is if your employees don’t know about it. It’s essential to keep communicating to your staff on an on-going basis to create and maintain awareness of your benefits offering and other key company information.

Technology platforms can have a real positive impact on engagement – it doesn’t have to be complex or come with a huge price tag either.

Here’s how technology can help engagement
The best employee benefit platforms will provide functionality to incorporate additional company information, encouraging your employees to visit the platform as part of their job.

It’s worthwhile giving some thought to the other information your company needs to get out to your employees on a regular basis – such as mandatory training, health and safety updates and business news for example – could your benefits platform help you here?

Including all your benefits from different providers is key too – ideally with single sign on (SSO) to other providers’ platforms cutting out multiple log-ins to make life as easy as possible for employees. If SSO isn’t an option then at the very least, your benefits site should include simple links to their websites.

Built-in messaging tools and integrating your company social media links are a great way to keep your employees informed about company news and any benefit launches.

Continually adding to your range of benefits over time is another way to keep the conversation with your employees going, as well as demonstrating your commitment to improving their benefits.

Benefits that include online applications makes life easier both for employees and HR or payroll too by cutting out unnecessary paperwork.


Don’t just look at the price tag
A cheap and cheerful off-the-shelf option may work for very small companies, where engagement isn’t a problem. But do your research and think about what’s right for your employees and what’s going to help with your particular HR issues.